Do You Have The Desire To Impact Governments For The Kingdom?

What if I told you there was an opportunity for you to be personally mentored and equipped by an experienced Governmental Prophet to Nations?

After working covertly as a Prophet in the United Nations and several nations around the world, for the first time Dubb is opening up an opportunity to travel with him and receive personal mentorship from him in this arena.

Hungary is the first nation in the world to have government funding earmarked
IN THE NATIONAL BUDGET to train prophets to help advise government officials!

The Prophets of Hungary have asked Dubb to come teach his “Government Prophet Intensive” the second weekend of September 2023.

Dubb will be taking only 12 people with him who feel called to operate prophetically impacting governments to shadow him in the training and receive personal mentorship from him both prior to this weekend online and in Hungary in person. 

Mentorship Includes:

Prior to Weekend in Hungary:

  • Lifetime access to the “Government Prophet Intensive” online course
  • 3 - Live Group Training Zoom Sessions with the 12 who are selected
  • 1 - Individual Hour Long Mentorship Coaching Call via Zoom

While In Hungary:

  • Daily Briefing and De-Briefing meetings
  • Shadowing Dubb during training 
  • Extra Opportunities to ask questions and engage in modeling activations

Post Weekend in Hungary:

  • 1 - Group Zoom Session to debrief from experience 

Additionally each participant will receive School of Kingdom’s 
Governmental Prophetic Training Certification

Mentorship/Certification: $3,000 USD

All other expenses (travel, flights, transfers, meals, etc)
are NOT included and are sole responsibility of the mentee.

Application Details

An online application is required to be
considered for acceptance into the
Governmental Prophetic
Mentorship/Certification Opportunity

1. Add your name/email to the form below
2. Hit the "Click Here To Apply" button
3. Check email for application link
4. Fill out/submit the online  application
5. Watch for response email within 10 business days

Application closes on July 24, 2023
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Applications Have Closed 

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School of Kingdom has been one the single most beneficial investments I’ve made in myself and business. Yes I said business too. Because as a CEO, it gave me the theological foundation to use my business to bring Christ into all things including how and what I serve my clients. It was deeply satisfying to unlearn the junk and walk in the freedom of the King. I highly recommend SoK. 
- Julia W.
I appreciate the Kingdom revelations that Dubb brings to the table, as I feel like my message has some overlaps within the Business Marketplace as well as the sphere of Government. 
I signed up to join SoK to hone in on some of my existing skillsets and gain understanding of a different perspective of unity, reconciliation, and the original intent with the Kingdom of God. 
- Nathan Z.
Being part of the SOK family has been transformational! 
Dubb's exceptional teaching on The Kingdom has truly blessed me tremendously! 
I am now walking in authority advancing The Kingdom, because I know who I am and walk as a queen taking dominion in the area that God has predestined for me to walk in, and that I am forever grateful for!
- Ingrid E.

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